If I can't have him, neither should Courtney

'Hey Cow': coming to a game store near you.

by Crissi Dillon

Poor Ben. He’s confused. Here are three women who he can see his future with. Nicki is bubbly and sweet. Lindzi is down to earth and wonderful. And Courtney? Well, there’s that sticky problem about her not getting along with anyone else. But she’s a model….that’s got to count for something, right?

Choices, choices, choices.

Luckily, Ben was given significant amounts of time to make his choice through a one-on-one date with each girl in the lovely country of Switzerland.

First up was Nicki, who rode with Ben in a helicopter to a mountaintop overlooking the glaciers.

The hills are alive.....

The two lovebirds gushed about love at their mountaintop picnic, and family planning back at a cabin. That’s when Ben pulled out a card inviting Nicki to stay overnight with him in the “Fantasy Suite”. Nicki didn’t even hesitate to say yes. They spent the evening in the romantic suite, sharing a bubble bath before the cameras finally pulled away.

While Nicki was gifted with running in the rain on her first date, and a glacier-viewed picnic on her second, Lindzi wasn’t so lucky. The afraid-of-heights blondie was forced to jump from a helicopter on her first date. And on this one? Repelling down a 300 foot cliff.

I think the producers want to off her.

Death defying and dates - they go hand in hand.

However, Ben mentioned falling in love with Lindzi at least 3 or 4 times in his commentaries during their date, proving she was winning him over despite the death-defying dates they kept going on. Once safely on ground, Lindzi and Ben’s main topic of conversation revolved around her recent willingness to open up and be vulnerable. And then, Ben pulls out the overnight card.

Wait, didn’t he just spend the night with Nicki?

Lindzi hesitates for only a moment. “Normally I don’t just stay the night with anyone…..” she began. Would her chances with Ben be ruined if she refused? We never got to find out because she accepted his invitation.

“This is amazing!” Lindzi exclaimed once they walked into the romantic suite. “Oh, I’ve already seen this room with Nicki,” Ben said.

Ok, just kidding. But he was probably thinking it.

Courtney’s date was a train ride through the countryside. They stopped in a little village to buy some cheeses and local foods. Courtney is beside herself, believing their lives will be just like this, traveling all the time and that he’s always surprising her – yet another case of falling in love with the producers of the Bachelor. Next, she’s talking about all the kids they’ll be having, and I’m getting Von Trapp images of them and their traveling family of Sound of Music singers.

Except Courtney is hardly the nun-type.

'Hey Cow': coming to a game store near you.

Next they share a picnic in a field of cows. While the odor of fresh manure couldn’t possibly be more romantic, Ben ups the ante by introducing a really fun game called “Hey Cow”. He explains the rules to a curious Courtney: you say “Hey cow” to the cow, and if the cow turns its head, you win. So Courtney plays the game, but alas, she loses.

“That’s a fun game,” she told Ben.


Eventually the topic of Courtney’s witchy ways rises to the surface, where Ben admits the way she “twisted the knife” after each break-up at the rose ceremony was pretty harsh. At first Courtney was on the defensive, placing the blame on the other girls. But eventually she owned up and admitted she could have been a bit nicer. They kiss and make up, and Ben hands her the third overnight card of the week. However, Courtney pulls a brilliant move and turns the invitation around on him by asking him how HE feels about spending the night.

Of course he wants to.

“We’re going to have so much fun together,” Courtney purrs.

If I can't have him, neither should Courtney

However, Ben is in for a huge surprise when an unexpected guest shows up on his doorstep later that week. Kacie B, the girl from Tennessee who was voted off last episode, nervously knocks on his door and is greeted by a shocked Ben. Her first motive is to find out what happened. Ben assures her that she did nothing wrong, but puts significance on their different backgrounds and beliefs. Next, Kacie warns him about the motives of Courtney. “If you were to choose Courtney, you’d get your heart broken,” she told him. This time Ben is all ears to find out why. To this, she fills him in on some of the choice things she’s said about him when he wasn’t around, like there being “other fish in the sea” should this not work out. “She’s in this to win it,” Kacie said.

Of course, Kacie’s visit makes Ben question Courtney all over again in his head as he wondered if he’d been doing things correctly. Chris, the host, throws another wrench in the process of elimination by asking Ben if he wants Kacie in the rose ceremony. But Ben refuses on the grounds that everything is already confusing enough.

At the rose ceremony, the girls are led out one by one. Two roses were laid on the table, and the girls could hardly look at each other. Ben tells the girls how difficult this decision is for him, mentioning how he could see each of these girls in his life, and how his decision is based on which life he wants to be a part of.

Lindzi was picked first. Nicki’s face fell as she realized the writing on the wall. Sure enough, Courtney was picked second. Nicki hugged both girls goodbye before saying her final goodbye to Ben. This break-up was obviously hard for him this time, admitting that he’d enjoyed every moment spent with her. But in the end, he had discovered doubts about her.

I wish my love story was just like Titanic. You know, without all icebergs and sinking ships and stuff.

During this episode, we also got a sneak peak of the next Bachelorette. There really wasn’t much to tell, other than our sneak peak of single mom Emily Maynard who will be trying her hand at true love next season. She was joined by former Bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Hebert as they got all gussied up while sharing tips on being a Bachelorette. Then they went to see the movie Titanic, using the movie to compare it to hopes for love for Emily.

Next up: The girls tell-all at the Bachelor reunion. Be prepared to hear plenty of stories about Blakely and Courtney, to name a few, as well as a few behind-the-scenes looks. Will the girls play nice? Maybe. After all, it’s been about 3 months since they broke up with Ben. But it will still be interesting to get the scoop from all the former Ben gals in the week before the final rose turns into an engagement ring….

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