by Crissi Dillon

For all of us, it isn’t the final rose ceremony we’ve been highly anticipating since getting to know this season of the Bachelor, it’s tonight’s episode of the Women’s Tell All – already thought to be the most dramatic Tell All in the show’s history. If this season of Ben the Bachelor and the ladies he’s loved and left wasn’t enough of a hint for how tonight’s Tell All is going to go, you obviously haven’t been watching closely enough.

So what can you expect?

- Plenty of behind the scenes looks on what was really going on with the show.
- How the women feel about each other, especially those they don’t like.
- And, of course, a full blown hate-fest on Courtney, one of the final two women who may or may not receive a proposal on the final Bachelor airing March 12th.

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For example:

Blakely defends herself against Courtney’s “I didn’t know strippers play baseball” comment, pointing out that models must be strippers too, referring to Courtney and Ben’s skinny dipping escapade.

And when host Chris asked Emily if she believes Courtney came here to find love, Emily answered, “Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don’t think so.”

And in an unheard of move, Courtney is also at the Tell All to defend herself against the women who hate her…

Catch it all tonight on the Women’s Tell All.  And here’s a sneak peek to get you started:

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