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The Bachelor

Follow Sonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik's televised quest for love

Ben plays baseball, gets naked in Puerto Rico

Ben and his ladies in Puerto Rico.

Sonoma’s Ben Flajnik and his 11 remaining  girlfriends are off to Puerto Rico in Episode 5, the first time the group travels outside the U.S. this season. Ben takes full advantage of his surroundings, taking one lucky lady on a helicopter ride of the island. The next day he challenges all the women to a baseball game, with the prize being – what else – a beach party with Ben. Another date is on a luxury yacht. Win or lose,… Read More »

The Bachelor becomes the L-word?

Yeah, yeah, we know if was Episode One, but we couldn’t resist sharing Chelsea Handler’s take on, uh, how friendly the gals seemed to be getting with each other when poor Ben wasn’t around.

What, what what? The whole straight girl goes bi-curious on a drunk dare thing is sooooo 1999, laydees. Then again, if goofy, drunk, questionably motivated gal-pals are what you’re after, the Bachelor House may be the perfect spot for these (sorta) chick-lovin’ chicas.

As fascinating as it might be to see a real girl-meets-girl romance spark up, this snuggle-up seems as painted on as their spray tans.

All we can think is…what’s next? Showing off tattoos and revealing belly-button rings? A stripper pole showdown? Oh you silly girls. You’re so outraaaaaaaaaageous!


The Real Bachelor Blog. Ours.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. The glove slapped across our face. The paces counted for our dawn duel. And we accept. Today, a fool-hearty blogger known only as “timinsonoma” laid claim to the ultimate Bachelor Blog in Sonoma and called for a blog catfight (ROFL!), despite only having six measly posts. One of which was his sassily-written challenge to us, the One True Bachelor Blog*. Now, in all fairness, this alleged fan of The Ben recently posted a selection… Read More »

Coming up: Ben and the ladies ski San Francisco

‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik and the ladies have already visited his hometown of  Sonoma, next they hit San Francisco. In the third episode of the season, Ben surprises 11 of the women by taking them skiing for the day – on a city street shutdown for the occasion. Preview all the bikini-clad action before the episode airs Jan. 16. Get to know the women of ‘The Bachelor.’  

Ben’s blogging in People magazine (and Nigerian Daily)

People magazine jumped on the Bachelor bandwagon Monday with a blog written by Ben Flajnik himself (if the byline can be believed). It’s filled with gratuitous references to Sonoma  (“I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to take the women to my hometown of Sonoma, Calif., and show them where I come from and how important community is to me,” and “Right off the bat when the women arrived in Sonoma, I was excited to hand… Read More »